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A Question of Personality - What Do You Relish?

A Question of Personality - What Do You Relish?

According to the well-known Limbic® motive and decision model there are three major emotional systems in the brain – balance, dominance and stimulus – all of which work independently but are usually simultaneously active to produce what we perceive as pleasure.

Do you attach great importance to peace and harmony in your life? Then, balance is your motive. Regular breaks for a cup of tea and well-balanced tea blends match your emotional personality best. If style, prestige and luxury appeal to you then you tend towards dominance, and consequently prefer choice tea blends in a refined setting and attach great importance to your brand of tea. Are you someone who easily engages in something new without any trouble? Then, your main emotional motive is stimulus. You tend to choose creative tea blends and surprising settings.

More Types and Tea

The balance-dominance-stimulus system can be further differentiated into consumer categories. Who drinks what?


The Adventurer: Exotic drinks, tea cocktails

The Disciplined: Teas and tea blends with a health benefit

The Open-Minded Pleasure-Seeker: Select teas, high-end brands

The Harmoniser: Balanced tea blends, blends for family and other social gatherings

The Hedonist: Teas with unusual ingredients, trendy teas

The Performer: Luxury, exclusiveness, out-of-the-ordinary

The Traditionalist: Classic tea brands and blends