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Pure Enjoyment - 10 Tips

Pure Enjoyment - 10 Tips

Certain attitudes and activities are conducive to enjoyment. Follow these pointers for greater enjoyment and more (tea) pleasure…

  1. You deserve enjoyment. You owe it to yourself, you don’t have to earn it. Use your senses, that’s what you have them for!
  2. Take time for yourself. Give yourself some space. Pause, pause for a cup of tea.
  3. Enjoy the moment to the fullest. Make even the shortest moment a lasting pleasure.
  4. Don’t over-indulge – indulge in quality. Pleasure is not a question of quantity.
  5. Find out what is conducive to your individual enjoyment: the time of day, the room, the setting, the products. Pleasure begins with acquiring information, using intuition.
  6. Develop rituals, celebrate moments of enjoyment. Taking the time to appreciate something expresses appreciation of oneself.
  7. Make enjoyment a regular part of your day. Make special moments a part of your everyday life.
  8. Add new elements to an established routine. Variety is the spice of life.
  9. Learn to feel, listen, look, even taste and smell, closely, precisely, all the time. It hones your sensory perception.

10. Include people you know and appreciate. A joy shared is a joy doubled.