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Wrong! 10 Misconceptions about Pleasure

Wrong! 10 Misconceptions about Pleasure

  1. Pleasure harms body and soul. Wrong. Enjoyment can promote health. There are even therapy models based on pleasure.
  2. Indulging makes you fat. On the contrary: People who are able to enjoy tend to be thinner than those who feel guilty when they eat or drink.
  3. Greater effort, greater pleasure? Who said it has to be caviar? Real pleasure competence means appreciating the small and simple with sensual satisfaction.
  4. Don’t wait till after work to begin enjoying. Begin by enjoying your breakfast and you will be better armed to face the day – all day.
  5. Health and pleasure are closer together than one might think. A healthy body and healthy mind increase the intensity of sensory perception.
  6. Enjoyment requires your full attention. Distraction subtracts as does the attempt to enjoy too many things at once.
  7. A savvy individual does not necessarily make a better connoisseur. Geniuses have been known to have little appreciation for the joys in life. Concentration, however, is known to promote pleasure competence.
  8. Pleasure is not a fleeting thing. Tastes and smells particularly are known to provoke strong emotional responses and bring memories back to mind.
  9. Tea bags make just as good a cup of tea as loose tea. In fact, tea made from tea bags delivers more dissolved solids and polyphenols (aromatic compounds) than tea made from loose tea.
  10. Brand products are very important when it comes to pleasure. Neurology research has shown that brand signals relieve and relax, in turn, boosting the ability to enjoy.