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Bagging Tea

Bagging Tea


German tea experts, with their keen sense of upcoming trends and feel for new product varieties, are known the world over for their authority. This is evident in the global demand for products developed in Germany of which OTG has a significant share.

In addition to translating new trends into creative new products OTG also demonstrates its technical competence time and again. For example, OTG has begun manufacturing all of its tea bags from renewable resources and has ceased using aluminium clips on the tea bags since autumn of 2010. The innovative step here was a clever knot developed by OTG which joins the tea bag to the label. Company engineers worked on this intelligent solution for years with an Italian machine manufacturer, consequently setting new standards for the entire industry.


Tea is mixed and shipped in Big Bags which are stored up to a maximum of four days.

101130_teebeutel.jpg The tea is suctioned into the tea bag and packing machine where it is filled in filter paper pouches at high speed, folded, then sealed by means of knurling to make individual tea bags. A carton closer at the end of the production line seals the folding box.

Fully automated robots box the sorted teas at the packing station and stack them onto pallets.


Finally, the pallets are readied for shipment in the central warehouse and delivered to customers.