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Achieving Long-Term Goals with Strong Partners

Achieving Long-Term Goals with Strong Partners

OTG is one of the market leaders in Germany. However, we need strong partners in countries of origin – as in international comparison, we are merely a small player. To put it into perspective, Germany accounts for just one percent of the world imports of black and green teas. Our local influence is therefore negligible.

Nevertheless, we are able to bring about change with local partners. For instance, we are collaborating with one of the most important non-profit organisations in the industry, the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP). Indeed, we were one of the first major German tea companies to join forces with the ETP. We are also collaborating with the labels UTZ and Fairtrade.

More Progress – Step by Step

Behind the Ethical Tea Partnership there are around 40 large and small tea companies from the tea-producing industries in Europe, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka – among those, there are large producers in Germany such as the OTG. That gives the organisation influence and weight to enforce sustainable standards. It is active in all relevant tea-cultivating countries.



UTZ is an international sustainability programme for coffee, cocoa and tea. It is also an independent non-governmental organisation, training tea farmers in areas such as how to run their businesses in both a more resource efficient and more productive manner. UTZ is one of the few organisations that provides guidance to farmers of agricultural products used in herbal and fruit teas.