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Community-Focussed – Committed to Society

Community-Focussed – Committed to Society

As a family business, we are deeply rooted in the local region and community. For that reason, we consider it only natural to include our social environment in our area of responsibility:

  • The Spethmann Foundation supports children, youth and elderly welfare services as well as public health institutions in the Harburg district.

  • The foundation “OTG-Zukunft durch Ausbildung” (“OTG Education for the Future”) provides young people who have poor entry qualifications with training and job opportunities.

  • As a founding member of the “Frau & Wirtschaft” (“Women & Business”) company network, the OTG contributes staff, material and funding to projects which support women in their careers and help them balance family and work commitments.

  • We enable employees to take on voluntary commitments by giving them time off from work.