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Why We Don’t Just Simply Purchase Our Teas

Why We Don’t Just Simply Purchase Our Teas

Along the entire value chain we are faced with different challenges, yet our room to manoeuvre is limited because in global terms Germany is one of the smaller players – especially in the black and green tea segments. Germany imports only about one percent of the worldwide tea production.

In our area of action related to the supply chain, the area where we have the least influence, we need strong partners to enable us to meet the global challenges. For example, we are the first large German tea company to enter into a partnership with the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP).

The environmental challenges:

Global challenges

EcologyEconomic factors
  • Climate change
  • Demographics
  • Poverty
  • Financial crisis
  • Scarcity of energy and resources
  • CO2 – and waste reduction
  • Biodiversity
  • Water
  • Sustainable business practices as a prerequisite for success
  • Risk management
  • Product safety
  • Availability goods