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The Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft, OTG for short, founded in 1907, has been growing  for over 100 years. Its motto “We make the most out of tea” stands for the way OTG works. As the largest subsidiary of  Laurens Spethmann Holding, OTG uses the traditional product tea to create brand experiences, puts tea into the limelight and develops new, tasty products. OTG scouts for trends and discovers them at an early stage. In fact, 20 per cent of OTG sales are generated by new products created less than three years ago. Meßmer MOMENTUM in the Hamburg HafenCity, for example, is one of the first brand spaces of its kind in Europe. Join the OTG for a glance behind the scenes in one of Europe’s largest tea companies.


Completely made from regenerative commodities

Tea-bags are small technical miracles for a great taste. This is how the tea gets into the bag

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